Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online shopping

Today, more and more people use Internet for shopping. They go on different websites to buy commodities or in another word, all kind of stuff which they want. “Online shopping has become a convenient alternative to the traditional brick-and –mortar-store. It has provided a method of easily finding what you’re looking for or the best price without ever leaving your home” (Ball, 2008, Para.1). In today’s life, we always lack time. We don’t have too much time to spend on shopping since we need to do a lot of important things. But online shopping makes up the gap. But, at the same time, we got some other problems. We need our bank account and cipher when we shopping online. Is this safe for us? What if someone else like hackers usurp our private information? Also, there is a lot of online fraud that exists. That makes a lot of people uncertain about the online shopping. Frank Abignale is quoted as saying “Technology has made what I did very simple. Crime is getting very easier, faster and harder to detect” (Nicholls, 2006, para. 5). That’s true; we often heard of people who have had their bank account stolen or cheated by the website in the news. But in my opinion, we can choose our shopping website and then use our credit card safely.

We should use the online market effectively. In this high tech time, we can’t avoid putting our personal information online. The only thing which we can do is consider the website we are going to.

Since someone doesn’t like shopping online, if it is because of the security problems, online cheating is the one which confuses us. Sometimes, we have seen some very cheap deal on the website which attract our eyes. When we feel excited, we should also think about whether it is possible or not? If it’s too far from the normal, we need to clarify the deal. Sometimes it may happen like this if you don’t pay attention to it, “the more than 184,000 consumers who paid money to the companies about which they were complaining paid a median amount of $214. Forty-eight percent of those complaints were regarding Internet auctions, while 17 percent were related to sales of merchandise”( Robertson, 2006, para. 2). So, choose the thing which you need carefully, don’t mislead by the price on the website, the best way is go on the official web site like WalMart, Best Buy, Ebay, etc. These formal website is more safety than when you search for the goods on some individual website which is odd or not public.

“Credit card companies lose about $1 billion a year to credit-card fraud, while merchants lose about $10 billion annually, according to CardWeb, a credit-card information site”(Mulrean, 2008, Para.5). But, the truth is online shopping is quite safe, we only need to follow precautious, the majority of identity theft occurred off-line with criminals intercepting mail or skimming data from carelessly discarded credit card receipts. (Ball, 2008) In this case, we find that hackers always find the chance to steal someone else’s information when people are careless on the Internet.

The last argument is about the convenience of the online shopping. Online shopping is really very comfortable, we don’t need to stand in line and wait for in line, all we need to do is click the mouse and wait at home, and some delivery guy will bring what we want in a few days or sometimes, it only requires a few hours for the conveyance.

Online shopping is really a very convenient way for us, we should learn how to safely use this method in order to use it comfortably!


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

California condor


There are a lot of problems facing with the California condor; they lost their habitat, were killed by the poisonous carcass, and so on. This paper talks about whether we need to save condors or not, how we can restrict the lead bullet, and what we can do to recover the habitat which condors have had. That’s all of it.

California condor, which feed on carrion, are “located in the wild only in isolated areas of reintroduction: California and Arizona in the United States, and Baja California, Mexico. Habitat is wooded mountains and scrublands” (Zoological Society of San Diego, 2008 para. 1). They are big birds roaring in the sky. Now, the number of this bird is becoming very small. Here is the problem facing with the California condor. The first one is the loss of their habitat. We all know that in these human’s long history, we have never stopped destroying the world’s environment; we make a lot of pollution and spoil the ozone layer that can protect the rays from going to the earth directly. Global warming and some other environment problems nowadays appear normally. In the same time, a lot of animals have lost their habitat; California condor is one of them. The second problem is the use of lead bullets. Lead bullets means poison bullets; people use them to hunt for animals. Even through we don’t hunt for condors now, as scavengers, they eat the carcass left by some hunters who just hunt animals for fun. And one dead carcass can cause a number of deaths of condors. The third problem is that the way we recover the condors is not right. We let the condor lose the ability to forage. They can only rely on human beings to live. So I will give my opinions on these problems.

These are the three things I want to argue about. First is recovering the loss of habitat. We can start this by finding a new place for them to live or just recover; second is stopping the use of lead bullets by passing some bills and changing the price of the bullets; third is improving the breeding program in order to improve the condors’ ability to forage. All of these solutions need not only government but us to participate in the project. Then, we can use the shortest time to complete the program. The following are the details for all these ways.

The first one is to recover the loss of habitat. This is a big program; habitat loss can not be solved in only a few days. So it requires the efforts of everyone. Condors live in the wooded mountains and scrubland. Reforestation is the first thing we should do; stop logging trees in these ranges and start planting trees. In my core class, I learned some ways to reforest; here are some of them: “fully fund the Rapid Assessment Program (RAP), which sends biologists to assess the biodiversity of ‘hot spots’; then, use debt-for-nature swaps and conservation easements to encourage countries to protect the forest or other valuable natural systems. Work with local people to protect forests; stop funding tree and crop plantations, ranches, roads and destructive types of tourism ; set aside large protected areas for indigenous tribal peoples”. All in a word, we should ask the government for help and find the people who live in these areas to work together. In this way, we can have improvement.

Reforestation is one part of the recovery program; some people say we can also find another area for condors to live. The place we need should be like this: there are enough carcasses for condor that means that besides the condor, there should be many other kinds of species. Then, condors always need cliffs, “the cliffs offer the Condor an invaluable benefit of searching for food in wide open, non-forested areas, making their hunt much more productive” (Habitat of the condor, n.d.). Also, condor nests in ledges and their nest are small; the place should not have too many natural enemies for them. All these requirements are needed for the new habitat.

Also, we individuals should do something. Every day, we use a lot of resources. These resources all come from nature. Some of them cannot be reused or dergraded. After we use them, they still exist in the earth; they cause a lot of pollution and damage the animals’ habitat. We should stop buying these resources, and use reusable or refillable plates, cups, etc. We also should find some other chemicals instead of CFCs. Build higher chimneys and stop burning fossil materials. We can’t stop using our cars, but we can use solar energy in our high tech products. If we can slow down global warming, we can stop animals from migration, and condors can still find carcasses to eat. That is what is possible.

The second one is the lead bullet. We can regard this problem as the most serious one. Even if we save a lot of condors at a time, one bullet can kill all of our hard work. The lead bullets are made of a metal, Pb; it is a very dangerous element in chemistry, and even humans can be poisoned by it. We buy them only because they are cheap. I find that not all the hunters are really hunting for food. If the hunter only hunts animals for fun, they don’t need to pay that much money to buy the bullets, and even the carcass is poisoned, they don’t eat them, so what is affected most are these condors.

“Despite a California law that provides subsides to hunters to buy more expensive non lead bullets, the state has yet to fund it” (Roosevelt, 2008. Para.).I have an idea about it, if our government subsides don’t make sense, how about using this money to produce more non lead bullets. Then we can raise the lead bullets’ price and lower the non-lead bullets’ price at the same time. In this way, more and more people will buy non-lead bullets and the market will change; more non -ead bullets are needed. Then, we can accelerate produce the non-lead bullets and slow down the lead bullets. It may not take a long time until one day, we can stop producing the lead bullets. So this requires our government to publish new bills. We can restrict the range of using the lead bullets. If the range is too small, the hunters will feel inconvenience, and then the lead bullets are useless. People won’t spend money on useless things.

As I know, we truly have passed some bills to limit the use of lead bullets; “last year California became the first state to pass a law prohibiting hunters from using lead ammunition within the condor’s 2,385-square-mile range”(Roosevelt, 2008).But the range is still too large. The law limit hunters from using lead bullets in the condors’ range, but didn’t totally forbid them, so, it still does not work at all.

Third, we should change the way we feed them. We all know that we have some recover programs on condor, the number of the condor increased at one time. But they died in a short time. The loss of ability to forage shock us, we find that we just feed them but train them. So, the next step we should do is to change the way.

We should put the food in some secret place to let the condor find it, rather than give it to them directly. The way we feed them is very important; maybe we should study the special signal the lead carcass has. Then, we should try to let the condor get the ability to recognize the carcass; we can put the non-poisoned carcass together, and when they want to eat the poisoned one, we will stop them. If we keep doing this, they will have feelings that this carcass can not be eaten. They will try to figure out what is the difference between these two carcasses. Then, when they start to eat the other one, we don’t do anything to stop them. So, they will feel safe about it. If we keep doing this for a long time, like one year or more, they will pass this on memory in mind. Then, they will keep this to their next generation, then, all of them can distinguish the carcass by themselves. So, when we put them back into their habitat and leave them alone, they can choose what they can eat and what they can’t.

There are some people who said that the condor is not needed in the world; we have spent a lot of money on itm and the result is it doesn’t make too much sense; they think we should kill all the condors. “The first independent study in decades of the complex, multimillion-dollar effort to rescue the giant scavengers from extinction has raised a politically incorrect question: Has the condor recovery program been a waste of money?” (Roosevelt, 2008, para. ). It is funny to see this news; we did spend a lot of money on condors, and all the results prove that we can save them. The important thing is we need time to improve our saving program. “Despite Arizona’s effort, condors are still being poisoned there. Given the condors’ low reproductive rate, ‘a virtually 100% compliance rate’ would be necessary to maintain the species” (Margot Roosevelt, 2008). Yes, there is no doubt that the number is the truth, but it was caused by ourselves; if we don’t produce the lead bullets, condors will never eat the poisoned carcass ,and they won’t die for this. We can see condors circle the carcass and eat them before they die; don’t you think it is our fault?

Our ecosystem is a big family; we have no right to decide whether one of them has the meaning to live. Human being is indeed the most clever species in the world, but if we do too much harm to the environment, it will pay us back in the end. In the past few years, many kinds of species have died out in the world; we make a lot of pollution. Sometimes, we can notice that human are very selfish, we doing things without considering something else. If condor dies out, it is not the end, it is just a beginning; we will kill more and more animals in the future, and we will always find an excuse for the entire problem we find. In the end, and we are the last species in the world and will soon die out.

Don’t let that tragedy happen, we need different species to keep the natural balance. Condor’s death will cause not only one issue but more. We can’t imagine how bad the problems may become if we ignore the problem which we have now. So, encourage everyone to make a contribution to the saving program, to save the condor, not only for the bird, but for nature and ourselves.


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Anna's journal #6 Precious thing in life

There is a lot of impress things happened in our life. For me, the most precious thing is the feeling I got from them. People who don’t know me well think I am an affectionless person. I always keep clam, it seems that I don’t care about something. In fact, what I am thinking of is affection is about your inner heart, not just your outside present. We saw a lot of people pretend to be good to everyone, they praise others without thinking. They want to show they are the best friend for you. But when you have some trouble, they will get away from you. For me, if I regard you as my friend, I will do my best to help you when you have problem. So, it is feelings which affect me most. If I have good feeling with something, I will remember this for a long time.

Good feelings always are given by my family and friends. My family is the most precious, and also, I treat some of my friends as family members. So, precious for me are family and friend. Every time when I am alone, I thinking about them, I recall the happiness days we spend together, though some of them is just walking on the street and keep silence for hours. You know what, we truly got a lot of things to talk, but the time when we meet each other, what we want is just stay together even without doing anything. Sometimes, I can’t sleep when the evening before I can meet my friend. I got up early and waiting for the moment. All this is in order to see each other. Maybe it’s only 1 or 2 hours long, but I feel happy. For my family, we are the same people. We all don’t like talk much, but we trust each other, some time, we quarrel with each others. But we all know that it is just a process.

So, family and friends are the most precious in my life. I can’t live without them.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fe#7 Technology

There are a lot of inventions being created every day; what I think will come along soon, and is a change we need, is the solar machine. I choose this for two reasons; the first one is Obama’s policy is to use the solar energy widely in our daily life; another reason is this energy does has no harm to the environment and it keeps coming every day. So, if we make full use of it, we can make a lot of profit and reduce the pollution in the world effectively.

The first invention with the solar should be cars. People nowadays cannot live without cars; they use gasoline too much. So, if we can have a car which only requires solar energy to start it, which would be convenient. I already know there are some kinds of solar energy cars, but they are not popular because people can’t use them on rainy days. So, we need to find something which can save the energy for a long time. Then, no matter what the weather is like, we can use it.

The second one is solar electricity. If we can use solar energy to send the electricity to the houses, we can stop using coal or water energy. It has no pollution at all.

That’s what I think about our next necessary inventions. Solar is a huge energy that exists in our world; we should find the right way to use it as our tool to benefit our people!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fe# 6 Food

We eat different kinds of food. Since I am a Chinese, I learned how to cook Chinese food, although I am not good at it; I think one of all the dishes I can cook is my favorite. That is tomatoes fire eggs. It is very easy!

The material I need is simple, two big tomatoes, three eggs, oil onion, salt and soybean sauce. That’s all. The next step is to deal with these materials. First of all, we should cut the tomatoes into pieces, don’t cut them too small. One big tomato can separate into 6 pieces. Then we kick the eggs and stir them in a plate. The third thing we need to do is cut the onion into small slices. So, that is the preparation. The next process is to fire it.

We should put the fire on the high position; the next step is put the pan on it. Wait a few second until the pan is hot and the water on the pan is gone. Then, put the oil into the pan and wait a second until the oil covers the whole pan’s bottom. Then pull the mixed eggs and some salt into the pan and cook it. Don’t make them stick together; keep stirring in the pan in order to make them separate into big chunks. After a while, maybe only 20 seconds, we put the fire eggs into a plate and put some oil into the pan again. What we need to do is put the tomatoes into the pan with some salt, cook them hardly and press them in order to let the sweet inside come out. At the same time, put some soybean sauces and the egg that you have already cooked in it. Cook them for two more minutes and pull it out. That’s all!

It is really delicious and nutritional. If you try it, you will like it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fe#5 Election

November 5,2008

Yesterday was the Election Day for all American citizens. A lot of people went to the election polls to vote. The result is that Obama won the election in the end. He won the election with 349 electoral votes while McCain had only 162. This is the first time for a black person to be the president of the United States. A Democrat finally defeated the Republican. It means a new way for the American people. It was history that Americans made yesterday.

What interests me is the big distance between the two people in the election. In the previous years, the Republican always beat down the Democrat. But in this election, the Democrat proved himself or herself. Obama, as a black man, used his own intelligence and his bravery to show his capability. When the result came to the end, I heard the voice from outside of my window. People applauded loudly or they screamed to celebrate this great moment. Another thing that interested me is Obama’s victory speech in Chicago. His speech told us that from this moment on, there is nothing impossible in America.

Although McCain lost the campaign, he showed his respect to Obama and encouraged the American people to receive the new United States’ president, to fight with Obama, to make a contribution to the country. Obama also represented his thanks for the contribution which McCain has made to this country. He told us that he has never been more hopeful than last night. That is what interests me. I like watching the speech.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anna#5 The time when I am alone

People can not spend all the times together, because every person is individual, we need some time for ourselves to thinking about something or have a rest. In my country, there is a famous logion; it says that the distance between people create the beautiful. It is hard to understand because many people think that we should spend more time together to improve our relationship; the fact is if people spend too much time together, they will feel uncomfortable with each other. The solution is using our private time to thinking about our life. We don’t think it is a strange thing and even most of us believe that we must have the time.

The world is developing so fast, we use a lot of time to work or communicate with others, we loss something inside ourselves little by little. At intervals, we hesitate. So, let’s have a pause from the stress world. Today we come back home early, close the door and turn on the light in order to look at ourselves clearly. We find that the loss of the spirits. So, let us pick it up, we read some books, listening to the music, doing some interesting things which we want to have a try. We always find something new from these; we find the truth in life by this time.

It is hard to imagine if a person doesn’t have his or her own time for themselves, they can’t find the meaning for living on this earth. They work like a machine and live like dead person. In my life, I spend a lot of time being alone, maybe it is because I like psychology very much and I always try to find something from other people’s behavior, I also thinking about myself like how to make myself become better. So private time is a big deal for me, I can’t live without it and so do my country’s citizens I think.